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Cheat Sheet

The Manual


Tips And Tricks

Key Abbreviation
Control C
Alt M
Escape Esc


Wow, Control is awkward to press and I use it all the time now

Rebind that to Caps Lock, which is easier to press, but which you use less frequently.  You might also consider swapping the ctrl and alt, or you might like to use sticky keys.


I don't like QWERTY and all of these shortcuts are weird to use

You can remap all of them.  Here is one suggested way.


Configuration Files

Wheeler uses emacs. Jordan uses xemacs. Take your pick!





Wheeler uses VM and BBDB to read mail. He should post his .vm file here.


OCaml programming


At the CS dept, the emacs tuareg mode is at ~ruml/lib/emacs/site-lisp/tuareg/.


If your emacs is configured correctly, you should automatically enter tuareg mode when you open a .ml file.

  • C-c C-c gives a compile prompt. You probably want "ocm use", or maybe "ocm", or "ocm -force use" if you are desparate.
  • C-x ` goes to the next error or warning message (taureg might need help finding the source file)
  • C-c C-s gives you an OCaml toplevel to play around in
  • C-x 1 makes all the buffers except the one the cursor is currently in disappear
  • C-x 2 splits the current buffer into an upper and lower half
  • C-x 3 splits the current buffer into right and left halves.

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