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The UNH AI Group


This wiki is for sharing information among folks at the University of New Hampshire doing research in artificial intelligence and robotics.  There is a separate page with overview information about AI at UNH and another page with some information about robotics at UNH.


If you are at UNH and interested in AI and robotics, you should consider joining our mailing list and coming to our weekly meetings. Previous experience in AI is not required! Students can get independent study credit for their research, and there is extensive support available for undergrads from the UROP office, both term-time and over the summer. Note that you don't have to already have a topic in mind. Free free to email Wheeler for details on AI and UNH.



Kyle Goodwin

Aadi Kulkarni

Bryan McKenney 

Autumn Nippert

Lin Pan

Wheeler Ruml (lead)

Devin Thomas

Steve Wissow



Weekly Meeting Info

Mailing List Info

Our Google Calendar.

IRC: #unhai for stuff suitable for Wheeler to see. (possibly no longer active)

Slack: unhaiandrobotics.slack.com [Slack Tips]



Infrastructure - which computers to use

Robotics - hardware, software, tips

General Unix Tips 

General Tips on grad school, research, writing, giving talks

LaTeX - a good tool for papers and presentations 

Emacs - a text editor that's good for programming

VNC and/or Screen- session management/remote access tools

Mercurial - a `distributed' version control system that's good for source code

OCaml - a programming language that's well-suited to AI work 

Code Documentation on how to do various tasks using the group's code repository

SLURM Tips and Tricks example workflow for running experiments with SLURM


AI Literature

Google Scholar and plain Google- Most researchers make their papers available on their web pages.

DBLP often has little icons that link to papers 

JAIR - an excellent on-line journal

AIJ - UNH has on-line access.  Hardcopy issues from 1995-2007 should be in the library and older ones can be retrieved from storage.

AAAI Digital Library - AAAI and some other proceedings (eg, ICAPS, AIPS), as well as AI Magazine (AIMag access is for AAAI members only). After you drill down to a particular abstract, click on the title to get the full paper.

IJCAI - all proceedings on-line in searchable PDF (some older papers are scanned poorly, though) 

ICAPS - pointers to ICAPS, AIPS, and ECP papers.

NIPS - all proceedings on-line and searchable

AAMAS - 2002- available on-line (some via ACM DL)

ACM Portal

Some on-line AI-related books

also check under /home/aifs2/group/papers on the AI machines for recent IJCAI, AAAI, and ICAPS proceedings

List of best paper awards, including AI-related conferences


Related Stuff

Relavant mailing lists

Robotics at UNH, including the robotics seminar

UNH AI classes

The UNH CS Video Colloquium (includes talks on AI)

Thesis defense advice



Group Alumni

Daroc Alden (MS thesis '20) 

Jennifer Baker (summer project '11)

Nate Beaulieu (project '17) 

Dan Bolan 

David Bond (project '10)

Alex Brown (MS thesis '20) 

Ethan Burns (PhD '13) 

Jarad Cannon (MS thesis '11)

Brian Cawley (BS thesis '19) 

Chao Chi Cheng (BS thesis '19) 

Bence Cserna (PhD '19) 

Kasra Dalvand (MS project '15) 

Austin Dionne (BS project '09, MS thesis '11)

Claire Doyle (MS project '20) 

Stephen Dunn (summer project '13) 

Kevin Gall (MS thesis '21) 

Tianyi Gu (PhD '21) 

Lucas Guerrette (summer project '20) 

Matt Hatem (PhD '14) 

Chris Hebert (BS thesis '13) 

Allen Hubbe (summer project '08)

Sammie Katt

Ian Katz

Scott Kiesel (PhD '16) 

Shane Kochvi (BS thesis '17) 

Frank Kreimendahl (MS thesis '13) 

Brad Larsen (project '10)

Mike Leighton (MS thesis '12)

Sai Lekyang (MS project '19)

Sofia Lemons (project '23) 

Connor Lennox  

Jake Mandel (MS project '09)

Brendan McGuirk (MS thesis '20) 

Bryan McKenney (summer project '20) 

Andrew Mitchell (MS thesis '18)

Dylan O'Ceallaigh (MS thesis '14)

Simon Ogbamichael (summer project '14)

Alison Paredes (project '16-'18) 

Kevin Rose (BS thesis '10, MS thesis '11)

Chris Sexton (MS thesis '12)
Tyler Slabinski (summer project '15)

Bernard Suwirjo (project '16) 

Jordan Thayer (PhD '12)

Michaela Tremblay

Chris Wilt (PhD '14)
Yi Wang (MS project '22) 

Fanhao Yu (project '23)  



Our research is possible because of the support of U.S. taxpayers, via NSF, DARPA, and UNH.  Thank you!


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