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Useful books:

Lamport introductory book

LaTeX Companion


You might check out ~ruml/lib/tex


AAAI paper templates


for finding the tex name of a symbol you know how to draw: detexify


For Talks


the powerdot class and its manual

Wheeler has some powerdot samples

We've got a thesis template as well





ps-tricks trees

Inkscape - vector drawing, snazzier than xfig





gnuplot - yuck


Psuedo-code in Papers


Wheeler uses macros like this

0. nn\=nn\=nn\=nn\=nn\=nn\=nn\=nn\=nn\=nn\kill

to format code like this



1. while there is an \nblock\ with open nodes \\

2. \> lock; $b \leftarrow$ best free $n$block; unlock \\

3. \> while $b$ is no worse than the best free \nblock\ or \\

4. \> \> \> we've done fewer than $m$ expansions \\

5. \> \> $n \leftarrow$ best open node in $b$ \\

6. \> \> if $f(n) > f(\myit{incumbent})$, prune all open nodes in $b$ \\

7. \> \> else if $n$ is a goal \\

8. \> \> \> if $f($n$) < f(\myit{incumbent})$ \\

9. \> \> \> \> $\myit{incumbent} \leftarrow n$ \\

10. \> \> else for each child $c$ of $n$ \\

11. \> \> \> insert $c$ in the open list of the appropriate \nblock


\caption{A sketch of the PBNF search framework.}



Some people like the algorithmicx package.


Configuring Latex


How to point to the groups Latex setup:

Add the following lines to your .login file.


setenv TEXINPUTS .:~ruml/lib/tex/unhletter:~ruml/lib/tex/powerdot/run:~ruml/lib/tex/xkeyval/run:~ruml/lib/tex/xcolor:~ruml/lib/tex:

setenv DVIPSHEADERS ~ruml/lib/tex/pstricks/dvips:

setenv BSTINPUTS :.:~ruml/lib/tex:


For Posters

If you happen to use inkscape to produce your posters, it is possible to include latex directly:

At the menu bar at the top, go through the following, extensions -> render -> latex formula

This will allow you to input latex in math mode, and get an equation out.


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