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Past Weekly Meetings

Page history last edited by Wheeler Ruml 4 years, 4 months ago

Summer, 2016

The meeting time for summer is Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:15am, but as always, please watch the AI group mailing list for details.


Aug 27: end-of-summer get-together

Aug 25: commentary and probabilistic theorem proving (CACM, 2016)

[ Aug 23 3pm: Bence's depth talk ]

Aug 23: multipolicy control (ICRA-15)

Aug 18: KR for NLP (AAAI-15)

Aug 16: adaptive dimensionality (SoCS-16)

[ Aug 9 and 11: no meetings ]

[ Aug 5 9am: Scott's defense! ]

Aug 4: chapter 6 of IAMR2e

Aug 2: MPGAA* (AAAI-15)

July 28: rest of chapter 5 in IAMR2e

July 26: DPS (SoCS-16)

July 21: through 5.6.7 in IAMR2e

July 19: TB(BFS) (JAIR in press)

July 14: rest of chapter 4 of IAMR2e

July 12: correlation complexity (ICAPS-16 HSDIP ws)

[ July 7: no meeting due to SoCS ]

July 5: speeding up visibility graphs for ASVs (ICAPS-16)

June 30: chapter 4 (up through 4.3) of IAMR2e

June 28: CBA* (ICAPS-16)

June 23: rest of chapter 3 of IAMR2e

June 21: ROSPlan (ICAPS-15)

[ June 9, 14, 16: no meeting due to ICAPS ]

June 7: LazySP (ICAPS-16)

June 2: chapter 3 (up through section 3.3) of IAMR2e (2011)

May 31: i-dual (ICAPS-16)

May 26: first two chapters of IAMR2e (2011)

May 24: RTAA* (AAMAS-06) 


Spring, 2016

The meeting time for Spring is Wednesdays at 10:30, but as always, please watch the AI group mailing list for details.


May 18 noon-3pm: end-of-semester shindig

May 11: Wheeler presents project ideas

May 4: no reading

Apr 27: Scott (BEAST, PlanRob-16)

Apr 20: Bence (see email)

Apr 13: Sam (BA-POMDPs, NIPS 2007)

Apr 6: LRTDP Versus UCT (AAAI-12)

Mar 30: Bayesian RTDP (IJCAI-09)

Mar 23: ReASC (RSS, 2015)

[ Mar 16: spring break! ]

Mar 9: Lower Bounding Klondike Solitaire with Monte-Carlo Planning (ICAPS-09) 

Mar 2: RSS discussion (short meeting 11:15-12)

Feb 24: Madison on continuous Dec-POMDPs

Feb 17: RTDP (AIJ 1995)

Feb 10: Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search (Nature, 16)

Feb 3: Bidirectional Search That Is Guaranteed to Meet in the Middle (AAAI-16)

Jan 27: introductions, topic suggestions


Fall, 2015

The meeting time for Fall is tentatively Wednesdays 12:30-2, but please watch the AI group mailing list for a final determination.


Dec 11 3:30-6pm: end-of-semester shindig: Dover Bowl

Dec 9: Bence and this (IROS-15)

Dec 2: Scott and this (ICRA-15)

Nov 25: BIT* (ICRA-15)

Nov 18: MCL on sketches (IROS-15)

Nov 11: lazy wA* (RSS-14)

Nov 4: Sammie's thesis talk

Oct 28:  POMCP (NIPS-10)

[ Oct 21: no meeting ]

Oct 14: metareasoning for real-time search (SoCS-15)

Oct 7: real-time search (AIJ, 1990)

Sept 30: UCT* (ICAPS-13).  This is instead of LRTDP vs UCT (AAAI-12), but you can still read that for background if you want.

Sept 23: LRTDP (ICAPS-03)

Sept 16: AO-RRT (arXiv, 2015 with movies)

Sept 9: open world planning (PlanRob-13)

Sept 2: introductions, project ideas 


Summer, 2015

For summer 2015, we'll meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am.


Aug 27: summer reports - note special 12:30pm meeting time!

[ Aug 18, 20, 25: no meeting ]

Aug 13: task and motion planning (IJCAI 2015)

Aug 11: metareasoning for MDPs (IJCAI 2015)

[ Aug 6: no meeting ]

Aug 4: Shared Autonomy via Hindsight Optimization (RSS-15)

[ July 28 and 30: no meeting ] 

July 23: planning for Atari games (IJCAI-15)

July 21: LRQ-RRT* (ICRA 2012)

July 16: A0 (AAAI 2013)

July 14: benchmarking (IROS-14)

July 9: Decentralized Control of Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (CDC-13)

July 7: Policy Search for Multi-Robot Coordination under Uncertainty (RSS-15)

July 2: Understanding and Improving Local Exploration for GBFS (ICAPS-15)

          A Preliminary Selection of Problems in Heuristic Search (SoCS-15)

June 30: Planning Modulo Theories: Extending the Planning Paradigm (ICAPS-12)

June 25: ADRRT (ICRA-07)Save

June 23: FFRob (WAFR-14)

[ June 11, 16, 18: no meeting ]

June 9: Human-level control through deep reinforcement learning (Nature 2015)

June 4: Factored HO via IP (ICAPS-15)

June 2: new potential heuristics (ICAPS-15)

May 28: Planning Over Multi-Agent Epistemic States (AAAI-15)

May 26: KPIECE (IEEE ToR, 2012)


Spring, 2015


May 14 noon-3: end of semester/graduation potluck party!

[ May 5: CS 730/830 final project presentations ]

Apr 30: Grasping POMDPs (ICRA, 2007)

Apr 23: first try at Grasping POMDPs

Apr 16: Wheeler and real-time search (see email for link) 

Apr 9: Patrick and Godel (IJCAI-13)

Apr 2: UAVs and POMDPs (IEEE Trans Aero & Electro Sys, 2013)

Mar 26: Chris and POMCP (NIPS 2010)

[ Mar 19: spring break! ]

Mar 12 Bence and HybridPRM (IROS-14)

Mar 5: PDRRTs (IROS-04)

Feb 26: Kasra and line extraction (IROS 2005)

Feb 19: PBH (IROS-13)

Feb 12: Scott and RRTx (WAFR-14)

Feb 5: MPLB (2014)

[ Jan 29: no meeting due to AAAI ]

Jan 22: introductions


Fall, 2014

We met jointly with the robotics seminar, which is Mondays and Wednesdays 10:30-11:50am in Kingsbury N233 (the CS dept conference room).

Spring, 2014


2:00 on May 14: Chris's Presentation on Spatially Distributed Multiagent Path Planning


March 5: Dylan's presentation


Feb 26: Revised Dynamically Weighted A*


Feb 5: Fine-Grained Decision-Theoretic Search Control (UAI '13)


Jan 29: Free-configuration Biased Sampling for Motion Planning (IROS '13)


Fall, 2013


December 10: Enhancing the Transition-based RRT to Deal with Complex Cost Spaces (ICRA '13)


December 6: Semester Presentations


December 3: No meeting


November 26: Goal Assignment and Trajectory Planning for Large Teams of Aerial Robots (RSS '13)


November 19: (read last week's paper)


November 14: Learning to predict by the methods of temporal differences (Machine Learning '88)


November 7: Case-Based Subgoaling in Real-Time Heuristic Search for Video Game Pathfinding (JAIR '10)


October 31: A Survey of Multi-Objective Sequential Decision-Making (JAIR '13)


October 24:  LAO* (Artificial Intelligence '01)

                    Verifying Autonomous Systems (CACM September '13)

                    remote control space robotics mentioned by Matt (Wired '13)


October 17: Heuristic Search in the Web Graph (IJCAI '07)


October 10: Planning as Search (Korf '87)


October 3: Search-based Planning for Dual-arm Manipulation with Upright Orientation Constraints (ICRA '12)


September 26: Multi-Agent A* and Distributed Systems (AAMAS '12)


September 19: Integrated task and motion planning in belief space (IJRR '13)


September 12: Predicting Optimal Solution Cost with BiSS (ICAPS '12)


September 5: Bidirectional BFIDA* (AAAI '12)


Summer, 2013


August 22: Summer Research Recaps (no paper)


August 20: A* Parsing (NAACL-2003)


August 15: Provably safe navigation for mobile robots with limited field-of-views in unknown dynamic environments (ICRA '12)


August 13: Symbolic Merge and Shrink (IJCAI-13) - This isn't the paper from SOCS 12 that I mentioned at the meeting, but it does continue in the PDB/symbolic search direction as requested.


August 8: Compressed Pattern Databases for Grids (ICAPS-13)


August 6: Symbolic Search (SOCS-13)


August 1: Ideal Trees (SOCS-13)


July 30: Avoiding Heuristic Depressions (IJCAI-11)


July 24: Structure and Intractability of Optimal Multi-Robot Path Planning on Graphs (AAAI-13)


July 22: A Simple, but NP-Hard Motion Planning Problem (AAAI-13)


July 18: FF (AI Magazine)


July 16: Detecting Dead States (SOCS-13)


July 11: Anya (ICAPS-13)


July 9: search with soft goals (ICAPS-13)


July 4: hybrid search (AAAI-13) - see email


July 2: euclidean heuristics (AAAI-13)


[ June 25 and 27: no meetings ]


June 20: ILP for MAP (ICRA-13)


June 18: learning heuristics (AAAI-13)


[ June 13: no meeting ]


June 11: Deutch (Aeon Magazine, Oct 2012)


June 6: anytime search (ICAPS-13)


June 4: MDPs (ICAPS-13)


May 30: suboptimal search (ICAPS-13)


May 28: manipulation planning (ICAPS-13)


May 23: rational lazy A* (IJCAI-13)


Spring, 2013

AI group meetings will be combined with the meetings of the robotics seminar.


Fall, 2012

We met Thursdays at 10am. We alternated between student research (student picks the reading and presents work-in-progress) and reading in less-familiar areas (robotics, general CS, talk videos).


Dec 6: (Dylan) TBAA* (AAMAS-12)


Nov 29: (Chris H.) parallel push-n-swap (SoCS-12)


[ Nov 22: eat a lot ]


Nov 15: (Frank) JPS (AAAI-11)


Nov 8: diagnosis (AAAI-12)


Nov 1: (Scott) topological mapping (IROS 2012)


Oct 25: locally closed worlds (AIJ 1997 - probably requires unh net connection)


Oct 18: (Ethan) rational CSP solving (IJCAI 2011)


Oct 11: human-robot dialogue (AI Mag, 2011)


Oct 4: (Chris S.) plan improvement (ICAPS-10)


Sept 27: algorithm scheduling (CP-11)


Sept 20: (Matt) sequence alignment (JAIR, 2005) (meet in Dean's conference room)


Sept 13: cheap parallel search (AAAI-12)


Sept 6: (Chris W.) bidirectional search (AAAI-12)


Aug 30: FODD for robots (ICRA-12)


 Summer, 2012

We met Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm.


Aug 24: end-of-summer party, odiorne state park, 11-2


Aug 23: end-of-summer presentations (15 min each)


Aug 21: markov logic (AAAI-06)


Aug 9: activity recognition using RGB-D (Ubicomp '12).  more information here


Aug 7: EPEA* (AAAI-12)


Aug 2: horde (AAMAS-11)


July 31: traffic signaling (ICAPS-12)


July 17: cooperative pathfinding (see email)


July 12: cooperative pathfinding (see email)


July 10: determinator (with intro, CACM '12)


July 5: planning as search or SAT (IJCAI-11)


July 3: constrained shortest-paths (ICAPS-12)


June 12: relaxing admissibility (ICAPS-12)


June 7: real-time motion replanning (ICAPS-12)


June 5: incremental ARA* (ICAPS-12)


Spring, 2012

During the spring semester, group meetings are held in combination with CS 931 - see the course website for details!


Fall, 2011

Our meeting time was Fridays at 10am in Kingsbury N223


Dec 17: end-of-semester shindig


Dec 9: Mike: generalized A* (JAIR, 2007)


[ Dec 8: Luke Hunsberger (12:40-2, N113, plus sign up sheet here), controllable STNs, TIME-10 ]


Dec 2: Jarad and Kevin: MS defenses


[ Nov 29: David Wingate (12:40-2 N113): Bayesian policy search, IJCAI-11 ]


[ Nov 25: thanksgiving break ]


Nov 18: deep learning, and perspective (CACM Oct 2011)


Nov 11: Scott: no additional reading


[ Nov 10: Dimitrios Antos (12:40-2 N113): emotion, IJCAI-11 ]


[ Nov 8: Rob Platt (12:40-2 N101): grasping, RSS-10 ]


Nov 4: HPN (ICRA-11)


Oct 28: Matt: Dynamic State-Space Partitioning (ICAPS 2011)


Oct 21: program analysis, and perspective (CACM Sept 2011)


Oct 14: Chris: Hierarchical Problems (ICAPS 09)


Oct 7: blocksworld (AIJ, 2001)


Sept 30: Ethan: Minimizing Response Times (IJCAI-89)


Sept 23: b-bit minwise hashing (CACM Aug 2011, with perspective) - only the "digital edition" version seems to have all the pages!


Sept 16: Jordan: A Comparison of Highlevel Approaches for Speeding Up Pathfinding (AIIDE '10)


Sept 9: rational use of CSP heuristics (IJCAI-11)


Sept 2: each person gets 10 minutes for `what I did last summer'.  Send any slides to Wheeler at least 20 minutes before.


Summer, 2011

Meeting times were Tuesdays at 3:10pm and Thursdays at 1pm in Kingsbury N223.


Aug 23:  End of summer party!


Aug 18: penguins and planning (AI Mag, 1989)


Aug 16: Ant Colony Optimization/Beam Search (Computers & Operations Research 2005)


Aug 11: betweenness centrality (J Mathematical Sociology, 2001)


Aug 9: Jarad: KPIECE (Proceedings of Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics)              


Aug 4: Matt: AAAI practice talk on this (AAAI-11)


Aug 2: predicting sol cost (SoCS-11)


July 28: nested rollout policy adaptation for MCTS (IJCAI-11)


July 26: Kevin: Path Planning with Adaptive Dimensionality (SoCS-11)


July 21: IMBA* (AAAI-11)


July 19: Jennifer: Learning in Real-Time Search: A Unifying Framework (JAIR 2006)


July 14: bounded intention planning (IJCAI-11)


July 12: Mike: see email for link (succinct PDBs from SoCS-11)


July 7: ANA*, AAAI-11


July 5: Matt: MapReduce, OSDI 2004 and frontier search via MapReduce, HPCS 2009


June 30: RRT*, IJRR 2010


June 28: Scott: VRPTW, Journal of Heuristics, 1995


June 23: see email for URL (learning bayes nets from IJCAI-11)


June 21: Chris: see email for URL (greedy search from AAAI-11)


June 16: planning to perceive, ICAPS-11


June 14: Jarad: see email for URL (real-time search from IJCAI-11)


June 9: battery policies, ICAPS-11


June 7: Kevin: RRTs and PRMs, IEE Proceedings - Control Theory and Applications, 2006.  If that version remains off-line, you can read the shorter version here, or get a paper copy from Jarad.


June 2: We will watch Alan Fern's tutorial on montecarlo planning, which is 90 minutes, so it will be a long meeting.


May 31, 3:30pm (note special time!): Jordan: TFD, ICAPS-09


Spring, 2011

During the spring semester, group meetings are held in combination with CS 931 - see the course website for details!


Fall, 2010

12/16: End of semester party!


12/9: Target Value Search


12/2: DeepQA - see email for paper link


[ 11/25: Happy Thanksgiving! ]


11/18: lookahead pathology (AIJ, 2010)


11/11: Mike - The Tradeoff Between Speed and Optimality in Hierarchical Search


11/4: chapter 3 of Multiagent Systems (2009)


10/28: Austin - see email for paper link


10/21: everyday planning (ICAPS-07)


10/14: Matt - PFA*-DDD (AAAI-06)


10/7: causality intro (JMLR, 2010)


9/30: Sofia - LAMA JAIR paper


9/23: SHOP2 (JAIR, 2003)


9/16: Chris - Band Search: an Efficient Alternative to Guided Depth-first Search


9/9: hydra (AAAI-10)


9/2: Kevin - Planning Maneuvers for Autonomous Vehicles


Summer, 2010

Meetings were Tuesdays (student-led) and Thursdays (group choice) at 1pm in Kingsbury N223


8/26 3pm: end-of-summer group party 


8/26: heuristics for action costs (ECAI-08).  (For more on cost propagation, see AltAlt.)  Note: due to quals, we will meet in the Dean's conference room today.


8/24: Ethan: see email


8/19: answer set programming (Handbook of KR, 2008)


8/17: Jordan: the generalized assignment problem (EJOR, 2010)


8/12: understanding PIMC (AAAI-10)


8/10: Chris


[ 8/5: possible Michael Littman tutorial but probably no meeting ]


8/3: Kevin: motion planning in dynamic worlds


7/29: the 3H paper (ICAPS-07)


7/27: Jordan's Current Work


7/22: real-time search (AAMAS-10)


7/20: Ethan's current work: watch the mailing list for a URL


[ 7/8 , 7/13, and 7/15: no meetings due to SoCS and AAAI ]


7/6: SAT planning encodings (AAAI-10)


7/1: bootstrap learning (SoCS-10)


6/29: Canadian traveler's problem (AAAI-10) 


6/24: bidirectional search (AAAI-10)


6/22: status reports: Kevin and Chris


6/17: Sutton (draftslides) and, if you want, Schubert from the AGI conferences (eg, AGI-2010)


6/15: BnB-ADOPT


6/10: David Ferguson: HERB


6/8: papers from LION3 proceedings (probably UNH-only): Qu, Zu, and Kendall and, if you want, Masegosa, Mascia, Pelta, and Brunato too


6/3: papers from the 2010 Embedded Reasoning Spring Symposium


6/1: Eppstein k-best paths (1998)


5/25 and 5/27: no meeting, read ahead (WR away)


Spring, 2010

Group meetings are Wednesdays at 10am in Kingsbury N223.


5/20: end-of-year group party


5/19: Kevin Rose (30min) and status updates (7 minutes each)


[ 5/12: no meeting due to ICAPS ]


5/5: ICAPS papers: learning for searchdovetailing.  Note: our meeting will be held in the Dean's conference room (across from the Dean's office), NOT N233.


4/28: David Silver (WR away)


4/21: Boddy and Dean, anytime AIJ.  The missing text at the top of the second page reads "The work described in this paper can be seen as a response to a movement, started in the early 1980's, away from systems that make use of complex representations and engage in lengthy deliberations, and towards systems capable".


4/14: Reinefeld and Marsland, Enhanced IDA*


4/7: soft goals


3/31: checkers


3/24: crikey


[ 3/17: spring recess ]


3/10: no free lunch


3/3: Cyc


2/24: temporally-extended goals and uncontrollable events (IJCAI-09)


2/17: Generalized Adaptive A*


2/10: more generalized A*


2/3: generalized A*


1/27: 10-15 minute status reports from those who have recently been doing research.  solicitation of topics for readings


Fall, 2009


Group meetings during the fall will be combined with the CS 980 seminar on heuristic search - see its web page for meeting times.


Summer, 2009


We met Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm in Kingsbury N223.  Tuesday meetings are on heuristic search, Thursdays are open topic. 


8/27: Levesque on the Chinese room (IJCAI-09)


8/25: everyone each gives a 7 minute end-of-summer progress report


8/20: consistent hashing (STOC-97)


8/18:continual problem solving (IJCAI-09)


8/13: more oversubscription


8/11: oversubscription (AIJ '09)


8/6: [no meeting]


8/4: Wang and Botea (IJCAI-09)


7/30: temporal planning (IJCAI-07)


7/28: inconsistent heuristics (IJCAI-09)


7/23: TBA* (IJCAI-09)


7/21: IJCAI trip reports


[ 7/9, 7/14, 7/16: no meetings due to SoCS and IJCAI ]


7/7: duplicate avoidance (IJCAI-09 and SoCS-09)


7/2: ITSA* and ABULB (AAAI workshop, 2006)


6/30: model checking and planning


6/25: Holte's SoCS paper on common misconceptions


6/23: KRE


6/18: ternary trees


6/16: planning benchmarks (JAIR '05)


6/11: BitTorrent


6/9: estimating search tree size (AAAI-08)


6/4: Chord (IEEE/ACM Trans on Networking, 2003)


6/2: backtracking for #SAT and related problems (JAIR)


Spring, 2009 


We meet10am-11ish in Kingsbury N223. 


5/26: algorithm portfolios (AIJ 2001)


5/20:  multiple-goal search (JAIR)


5/19: spring party: laser tag 3-5pm


5/13: hybrid MDPs (IJCAI-05, JAIR version here)


5/6: project updates from folks in the group


[ 4/29: no meeting ]


4/22: meeting canceled in honor of ICAPS submission deadline


4/15: learning and beam search (ICML 07)


4/8: breaking value symmetry in CSPs (AAAI 08 nectar, longer version here)


4/1: general game playing (AAAI 08)


3/25: reach-based search on 2-d graphs (WEA-07)


[ 3/18 is during spring recess ]


3/11: mission planning for the DARPA urban challenge


3/4: external memory search (JACM, Dec 08)


2/25: frontier search (JACM, Sept 05)


2/18: heavy tails (Constraints journal, vol 11, originally CP-05)


2/11: the planner CPT (AIJ)


2/4: the LAMA planner, described in "Landmarks Revisited" (AAAI-08), available here.


[ 1/28: meeting canceled due to curtailed operations ]


1/21: target value search (STAIR-08)


Fall, 2008


This fall, we will focus on classic and `big-picture' papers in AI. For more technical papers in AI, focussing on algorithmic details, you are welcome to join the CS 980 class meetings.


12/8: Stuart Russell, Rationality and Intelligence


12/1: Hawes et al


11/24: Forbus, LBR


11/17: Agre: chapters 1, 13, 14


11/10: chapter 15 of Jurafsky and Martin


11/3: Lehnart Schubert and Bruce Porter


10/27: McCarthy, Programs with Common Sense and Hayes, Second Naive Physics Manifesto


10/20: first two chapers of Reasoning about Uncertainty, by Joe Halpern.


10/13: first two chapers of Probabilistic Robotics


10/6: STRIPS (see esp chapter 7 and 8)


9/29: GPS


Tues 9/23, 2pm: Newell and Simon, Symbols and Search


Fri 9/12, 11:40: Brooks, Intelligence without Representation


Fri 9/5, 11:40am: Turing's Mind paper (Mind, vol 59 no 236, Oct 1950; accessible on-line at JSTOR via the UNH library catalog - look for `electronic resource').


Summer, 2008


8/19, 21, 26 and 28: no meetings


8/14: The Fast Downward planner


8/12: R* Search from AAAI-08


8/7: Russell's ICAPS-07 paper on hierarchical planning with angelic semantics


8/5: ECAI-08 paper on learning admissible heuristics (sent via email)


7/31: Allen's end-of-summer presentation


7/29: IJCAI-91 paper on weighted A* (see Jordan for copy)


7/24: SLAM for Dummies


7/22: Jordan and Wheeler give AAAI trip report


7/15 and 17: no meeting (Jordan and Wheeler at AAAI)


7/10: heuristic search with bounded suboptimality. Jordan will give his STAIR-08 talk


7/8: UCT. (if link is broken, try here). Bonus paper: UCT for Go


7/3: auctions, voting, and preferences


7/1: Allen


6/26: Stuart Russell's 1995 talk on Rationality and Intelligence


6/24: Adaptive probing (IJCAI-01)


6/19: STAGE (from AAAI)


6/17: AlphA*


6/12: the FF planner from JAIR, 2001


6/10: solution-guided multi-point search from JAIR, 2007


6/5: logics of knowledge


6/3: Ae from IJCAI-83. a poor copy is here or see Wheeler for a photocopy of the original


5/29: an early neural net application: NetTalk


Spring, 2008


5/20, 5-8: end of semester party


[no meeting 5/12 - Wheeler away]


5/5: SATzilla from CP-07


4/28: anticipatory planning for stochastic domains from AAAI-08


4/21: The ParamILS method for tuning algorithm parameters, from AAAI-07.


4/14: Solving max k-armed bandit problems from CP-06


4/7 (special time: 2-3pm): Labeled RTDP from ICAPS-03


3/31: LRTA* (official page here)


3/24: updates


3/10: Absolver 2 - fulltext link might only work within UNH


3/3: yes! - last day of Holte.


2/25: are we there yet? (more Holte)


2/18: all Holte, all the time!


2/11: start making our way through Rob Holte's search tutorial


2/4: the paper that launched a subfield: Hart, Nilsson, and Raphael, 1968. Part 1 and Part 2 (note that the pages are in reverse order)


1/28: long updates 


Fall, 2007


12/24-1/21: winter break - no scheduled group meetings


12/19, 5:40pm (note special date and location and new time)



  • hierarchical A*, from SARA-05
  • Sub-optimal Heuristic Search Presentation @ 3:00pm in N111


12/3: K-BFS, from Annals of Math and AI, 2003


11/26: breadth-first heuristic search, from ICAPS-04. There's also an AIJ version


11/19: Jake and Austin


11/13 (follows a Monday schedule)


11/5: field trip to Jonathan Schaeffer talk at Harvard


10/29: Wheeler and Austin on search under a deadline


10/22; pessimistic heuristics, from ECAI 06


10/16 at 11am (note unusual date/time): How Good is Almost Perfect, from ICAPS-07.


10/8/07: Limited Discrepancy beam Search from IJCAI-05.


10/1/07: introductions


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